Linear Algebra (MAT 188)



2014.09.04 You will find all the important information on a two-page course information sheet, including information on the text book, marking scheme, test dates, suggested homework problems and other things. Please visit the course's web page and the Portal page for all other official information.

Also, in addition to Tuesdays, 12-13, I am willing to set up another date for office hours. Please give me suggestions after class or via e-mail.

Course coordinator

Dietrich Burbulla

For all official announcements, please have a look at Dietrich Burbulla's course web page, his home page and the Portal site of the lecture.


Max Lein
Earth Sciences Centre
22 Russell Street
Office no. 3141

Office hours: Tuesdays, 12:00-13:00 (after class)

Location in space-time

Mondays     11-12    BA 1190
Tuesdays     11-12    BA 1190
Thursdays   11-12    BA 1190