Securing a Synology NAS

I have been trying to polish and tweak the setup of my DS214+, with the focus being security. Rummaging around the net, I came across Mike Tabor's website. In particular this post includes very few simple tips and tricks to increase security. While I haven't gotten as far as installing a signed certificate, the other steps are very simple and straightforward. I will definitely try to install Crashplan next using his simple, step-by-step guide.

Also Synology has something on security on their official blog, and frequently issues updates which fix specific security issues (explanations are in the release notes).

For a while I have been trying to successfully get a VPN server up and running, but despite my best efforts, I am unable to make things click. VPN passthrough and port forwarding are properly configured on my router, the VPN has been installed properly on my device, and I can't really really see what is wrong with it.